Relate a risk definition to a profile type - Legacy

After a risk definition is created, it can be related to a profile type to generate a risk.

  1. Navigate to Risk > All Profile Types > Select a Profile Type.
  2. Navigate to the Risk Definitions related list, and click Edit.
    You can also create a new risk definition from the related list by clicking New.
  3. Add all Risk Definitions that apply to this Profile Type. Click Save to relate the chosen Risk Definitions to the Profile Type, or Cancel to return to the Profile Type form without relating the chosen Definitions.
  4. Select Generate Risks from Definitions in the Profile Type form's Related Links.
    The following message displays:
    Are you sure you want to generate Risks from all Definitions associated with this Profile Type?
  5. Click OK to create a Risk from each Definition for every Profile in the Profile Type. Click Cancel to return to the form and edit the Risk Definitions associated with the Profile Type.