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Generate calculated links - Legacy

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Generate calculated links - Legacy

To generate the calculated links from the authority document to the other elements in the hierarchy, create the link (f) from the citation (b) to the control (e).

About this task


  1. Navigate to GRC > Authority Documents > Authority Documents.
  2. Open the Building Security record.
  3. In the Citations related list, select the S-01 record.
  4. In the S-01 citation record, click Edit in the Controls related list.
  5. Select the control called Report all unlocked or broken doors that was linked to the policy in the previous section.
  6. Click Save.
  7. To view the link information look at the Connected by column, which shows the path between elements connected by calculated links.

    The value in the Connected by column in the Control related list is (empty), indicating that a direct link exists between this citation and the control, and no calculated link was created.

  8. Navigate to GRC > Authority Documents > Authority Documents and open the Building Security record.
  9. In the related list for Controls, Policies, or Risks, point at the value in the Connected by column.

    The system displays the complete connection path for the calculated link in a pop-up box.

    In this example, GRC automatically creates these calculated links:

  10. To view the link record, click the value in the Connected by column.

    The record displays the elements that are linked, the calculated link type, and the connection path. In this example, the authority document is linked to the control by a special link called a calculated direct link, expressed here as Linked via content. This type of link is created only when an authority document is linked to another element through the citation.

    The connection paths are as follows: