Create a risk definition - Legacy

Risk definitions act as a template for creating risks, but also allow you to group like risks together. They automate the process of creating and assigning risks to items that the risk relates to.

  1. Navigate to Risk > Definitions > Create New.
    You can also create Definitions by clicking New in the Risk Definitions related list on the Profile Type form.
  2. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Name Description
    Name* Sets the name of the Risk Definition, as well as the names of Risks related to the definition.
    Category* Choose the category of risks related to this definition. Choose from the following options.
    • IT
    • Reputational
    • Operational
    • Financial
    • Legal
    Inherent significance Define the inherent significance of the risks related to this definition if one did occur.
    Inherent likelihood Define the inherent likelihood that the risks related to this definition will occur.
    Description* Description of the Risks related to this definition.
    Additional Information Add any information that may need to be included with the risks related to the definition.
    Note: * indicates a mandatory field.
  3. Click Submit.