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Create a GRC control - Legacy

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Create a GRC control - Legacy

You can create GRC controls manually.

  1. Navigate to GRC > Controls > All
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    GRC control record
    Table 1. Control form fields
    Field Description
    Control ID [Read-only] Unique identifier generated dynamically by the system.
    Owning group Group that owns the control.
    Owner User who owns the control.
    Owner delegate User who owns the control when the specified owner is unavailable.
    Pertinent Indicates that this control is relevant to your organization. By default, this check box is selected. Clear this check box if you do not plan to use this control and to prevent it from appearing in compliance reporting. Use this option to select appropriate controls from a large number of imported UCF controls.
    Key control Indicator that the control is considered key to preventing material risk, if selected.
    State Workflow field that determines the current state of the authoring process. Possible choices are: Draft, Active, and Inactive.
    Classification Control type being created. Possible choices are: Preventative, Corrective, and Detective.
    Purpose Approach that the control will take. Possible choices are: Process and Technical.
    Control frequency Basis for determining when the control is implemented. Possible choices are: Continuous, Event Driven, and Periodic.
    Compliance [Read-only] Percent of compliant control test instances associated with this control.
    Non-compliance [Read-only] Percent of non-compliant control test instances associated with this control.
    Version [Read-only] Version number for previous versions of this control. This value is a simple integer that is incremented by the system each time the control is updated. This field is hidden when the current version of the record is displayed. You can view all available versions by selecting records from the Other Versions related list.
    Name Descriptive name for this control. |-
    Description A verbose description of the control.
    Additional information Information of any type that is pertinent to this control.

    You can configure the Control form to show these fields:

    Table 2. Additional fields for the Control form
    Field Description
    Authority document count Total count of the authority documents that use this control. The purpose of this field is to calculate totals for the Super Control report.
    Policy count Total count of the policies that use this control. The purpose of this field is to calculate totals for the Super Control report.