Create a GRC citation - Legacy

A citation can be created manually.

  1. Navigate to GRC > Authority Documents > Authority Documents.
  2. Open an authority document that needs a citation.
  3. In the Authority Documents related list, click New.
  4. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    GRC citation record
    Table 1. Citation form fields
    Field Description
    Reference Arbitrary reference number. In the GRC application, multiple citation records can have the same reference number.
    Name User-defined name that identifies this citation.
    Type Type of citation created. This is an optional field and is not used for any processing. You can use the value in this field in reports or to query for records of a specific type.
    Authority document Name of the parent authority document for this citation. When you create citations from the authority document form, the system completes this field automatically.
    Pertinent Indicates if this citation is relevant to your organization. By default, this check box is selected and has a value of True. Clear this check box to mark this citation as not pertinent to your organization and to prevent it from appearing in compliance reporting. Components marked as not pertinent are unavailable for the calculated links that enable results to rollup for any GRC hierarchy.
    Version [Read-only] Version number for previous versions of this citation. This value is a simple integer that is incremented by the system each time the citation is updated. This field is hidden when the current version of the record is displayed. You can view all available versions by selecting records from the Other Versions related list.
    Guidance Specific details for this citation, including areas of emphasis or concern. For earlier versions upgraded to Fuji, the contents of the '''Key areas''' field is displayed in this field.
    Additional information Information of any type that is pertinent to this citation.
  5. Click Update.