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Create a GRC policy - Legacy

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Create a GRC policy - Legacy

Create a policy (c), then link it to a risk (d) and a control (e).

About this task

Figure 1. GRC calculated links example for policies


  1. Navigate to GRC > Policies.
  2. Click New.
  3. Type a short description that identifies this policy, such as Check all doors once an hour.
  4. Make sure the Pertinent check box is selected.
  5. Save the record.
  6. In the Risks related list, click New.
  7. Complete these fields:
    • Risk name: Loss of proprietary data
    • Pertinent: Selected
    GRC example risk record
  8. Click Submit.

    The Policy form appears.

  9. In the Controls related list, click New.
  10. Complete these fields:
    • Name: Report all unlocked or broken doors
    • State: Active
    • Pertinent: Selected
    GRC example control record
  11. Click Submit.

    The Policy form appears, displaying the linked risk and control in related lists. The value in the Connected by column is (empty), indicating that direct links exist between this policy and the risk and control.

    GRC policy links to risks and controls