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Create a GRC certification template - Legacy

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Create a GRC certification template - Legacy

After you create the filter that identifies the vendor records to audit, create a template that sets the audit conditions.

About this task

The system looks in the Contract [ast_contract] table for all vendors that have the NDA contract model.


  1. Navigate to GRC > Administration > Templates.
  2. Click New.
    The Audit type field is read-only and is preset to Compliance. All templates created from within IT Governance Risk and Compliance use this audit type.
  3. In the Name field, enter Vendors with an NDA.
  4. Select the All vendors filter you created in the previous section.
    The condition builders appear. All conditions are [and] conditions.
  5. In Certification Related List Conditions, create these conditions on the Contract [ast_contract] table:
    • [Contract->Vendor] [State] [is] [Active]: Selects all vendors with an active contract.
    • [Contract->Vendor] [Contract model] [is] [NDA]: Selects all vendors with an NDA contract. For more information about completing the template form, see Creating Templates.
    Certification template for GRC non-disclosure agreement
  6. Click Submit.