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Add a relationship between GRC citations - Legacy

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Add a relationship between GRC citations - Legacy

You can define relationships between citations from within the citation form.

  1. Navigate to GRC > Authority Documents > Citations.
  2. Open one of the citations in the relationship.
  3. Select either the Add related to or Add related from related links.
  4. Complete the form using the field from the table.
    Table 1. Adding relationships between citations
    Field Input Value
    To The content that is the object of the relationship.
    Relationship The Relationship Type.
    From The content that is the subject of the relationship.

    The display-only fields at the bottom will display the information from the other Citation record.

    Form for adding relationships between citations
  5. Click Submit.

    The citation appears in the Related to or Related from related list, as appropriate.

    Viewing configured relationships between citations