UCF authority document import process - Legacy

The GRC application downloads Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) authority documents and transforms selected data into the GRC application tables through an approval process. Administrators can filter the downloaded content, select the documents to use, and import only the content they want into tables for authority documents, citations, and controls. When UCF publishes quarterly updates, GRC determines which data in your system needs to be updated and displays side-by-side comparisons of the changes to make the process easier.

Note: For more information on Unified Compliance Framework (UCF), see https://www.unifiedcompliance.com/.
  • Download the UCF documents, using the controls in the UCF Authority Documents screen.
  • Select the documents you want to use for your authority documents, citations, and controls and request an import into GRC.
  • Approve the request to import the content into the GRC tables.
Warning: All data imported from UCF Authority Documents is read-only and must be protected. Do not customize the controls on any UCF fields transformed into GRC tables.