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UCF download background processes and status - Legacy

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UCF download background processes and status - Legacy

The UCF download process runs in the background to automatically prepare the UCF data for selection as GRC authoritative content.

  • Downloads and unpacks the UCF ZIP archive.
  • Loads the unpacked files into temporary staging tables.
  • Compares downloaded UCF files to any previous GRC updates.
  • Creates staging tables used for calculations only.

The ServiceNow system creates staging tables to hold UCF data before moving it into the GRC target tables:

Table 1. UCF staging tables
Staging Table Target Table Description
GRC UCF Authority Document [grc_ucf_authority_document] Authority Document [grc_authoritative_source] Stores authority documents in GRC.
GRC UCF Citation Mapping [grc_ucf_citation_mapping] Citation [grc_authoritative_src_content] Stores citation data in GRC.
GRC UCF Control [grc_ucf_control] Control [grc_control] Stores controls in GRC.
GRC UCF Update Status [grc_ucf_update_status] No mapped table in GRC. Stores the current progress of a UCF update. The instance uses this data to display the correct status of an import to one or more logged-in users and to prevent interruption of the import process.
GRC UCF Filter [grc_ucf_filter] No mapped table in GRC Stores the number of documents in each UCF group. These are the values displayed for each group in the filter screen.

UCF download status

The details of the UCF download are stored in the UCF Download Status [grc_ucf_download_status] table.

Navigate to GRC > Administration > UCF Download Status > .