Client scripts installed with Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) - Legacy

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) adds the following client scripts.

Table 1. Client Scripts
Name Table Description
Assignment Group Changes Observation [src_observation] When the Assignment group is changed, clears the Assigned to field.
Authority Document Changes Observation [src_observation] When the Authoritative source field changes, clears the Content reference and Content category fields.
Condition Type Basic Control Test Definition [grc_control_test_definition] Manages the fields displayed when the Condition type field changes.
Empty name field Control [grc_control] Clears the Name field.
Hide Recipients on dynamic
Hide survey macro onload Control Test Definition [grc_control_test_definition] Hides attestations when the Control Test Definition page is loaded.
Include Supporting Data is false Control Test Definition [grc_control_test_definition] Clears related fields when the '''Supporting data''' field is false.
Refocus on Relationship Authoritative Source Content Mapping [m2m_auth_scr_con_auth_scr_con] Rebuilds the relationship between two citation records on page load.
Require Method when Active - State Control Test Definition [grc_control_test_definition] Checks the value in the State field of a control test definition and requires users to select a Method when the state is Active.
Require Method when Active - validating Control Test Definition [grc_control_test_definition] Checks the Method field of a control test definition for a value when the State field is Active.
Set active flag Control Test Definition [grc_control_test_definition] Sets the Active flag so that the UI policies run correctly. This business rule is designed to run onLoad so that the active and state fields are synchronized.
Show User field on "Create"
Submit Survey First Control Test Definition [grc_control_test_definition] Submits the attestation as a survey when saving a control test definition.
Update table on template change Control Test Definition [grc_control_test_definition] Updates the Table field in the control test definition record when the filter for the selected template changes.