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GRC control tests and definitions - Legacy

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GRC control tests and definitions - Legacy

Control tests prevent issues from occurring. You can configure a control test definition to gather supporting data from any table using different condition types or through attestations sent to appropriate users. The control test definition determines how and when a control test is performed, including execution steps and expected results.

Condition collections can be created with associated conditions to define advanced control test logic. Each time the control test is performed, a control test instance is generated as a task to be executed, according to the control test definition.

Certification filters and templates simplify the selection of records to test. Certification filters provide the scope for test definitions by filtering a table for specific records. Attach the filter to a template that tests specific attributes of the filtered records.

The control test definition includes the ability to define the remediation group that is automatically assigned to a remediation task if the control test instance state is set to Failure.