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Create HI Request for UCF-CCH account integration information

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Create HI Request for UCF-CCH account integration information

For customers on Helsinki (Patch 7 and above), or Istanbul, and whose GRC effective contract date is December 1, 2016 or after, you must contact UCF-Common Control Hub to arrange for a subscription, if your organization plans on using Unified Controls Compliance as the provider of your controls library. For more information about establishing a UCF CCH account, see Unified Compliance Framework.

Before you begin

Sign up for a UCF CCH account and customize your basic subscription to include API Access.

Role required: admin


  1. After activating the Compliance UCF plugin, sign in to the Hi Service Portal.
  2. Click Get Help.

  3. Click Create an Incident.

  4. Select Issue Type Request.

  5. Select Category Hi Administration.
  6. Describe the issue and provide the following information:
    • Enter "I have activated the new GRC: Compliance UCF (com.sn_comp_ucf) plugin. I have already subscribed to the UCF CCH. I am requesting that you provide me with the necessary OAuth information to complete the integration."
    • Include your company name and company account number.
    • Include the requester’s name, business email address and phone number.
    Note: By providing your company and requester contact information, you authorize ServiceNow® customer service to contact and share that information with Network Frontiers, a third party, in order to complete your UCF CCH account enrollment.
  7. Attach screen shots, logs, etc., as necessary.
  8. Select affected instances. Enter your company's GRC instance.
  9. What is the business impact? Select your answer.
  10. How many users does this affect? Select your answer.
  11. When did you experience this issue? Select today's date.
  12. Click Report the issue.
    ServiceNow® HI customer support initiates the OAuth integration process and will contact the requester with the integration information.

What to do next

Configure the UCF integration