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Create a citation

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Create a citation

Usually, authority documents, citations, and policy statements are downloaded from UCF. However, citations can be created manually from an authority document.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_compliance_admin or sn_compliance_manager


  1. Navigate to Policy and Compliance > Authority Documents.
  2. Open an authority document.
  3. In the Citations Related List, click New.
  4. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Citation
    Field Description
    Name* User-defined name that identifies this citation.
    Source A non-editable field with the source of the policy. For example, if the statement is from the UCF import, the source is UCF.
    Source ID The unique identification number used by the source to catalog this authority document.
    Reference Content reference.
    Type Type of citation created. Optional field not used for any processing. Use the value in this field in reports or to query for records of a specific type.
    • Core Topic
    • Process
    • Control Objective
    • Control
    • Supporting information
    Authority document Name of the parent authority document for this citation. When you create citations from the authority document form, the system completes this field automatically.
    Active A policy is marked active if it is not in the Draft or Retired state.
    Parent References the parent content.
    Description Description of the citation.