Supported migration

After migrating from the Legacy GRC application, certain relationships between elements are maintained.

Relationships for the following elements are maintained.

Table 1. Supported GRC migration elements
Legacy GRC Migrated GRC
Authority Documents [grc_authoritative_source] Authority Documents [sn_compliance_authority_document]
Citations [grc_authoritative_src_content] Citations [sn_compliance_citation]
Policies [grc_policy] Policies [sn_compliance_policy]
Controls [grc_control]
  • Controls [sn_compliance_control]
  • Policy Statement [sn_compliance_policy_statement]
Risk Definitions [sn_risk_definition] Risk Statements [sn_risk_definition]
Risks [grc_risk] Risks [sn_risk_risk]
Control Test Definitions [grc_control_test_definition] - manual type Indicator Template [sn_grc_indicator_template] - manual type
Risk Criteria Thresholds [grc_risk_criteria_threshold] Risk Criteria [sn_risk_criteria]