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Record an incidental expense

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Record an incidental expense

Agents can track incidental expenses required to complete a work order task.

About this task

Agents can track incidental expenses required to complete a work order task. Incidental expenses, or incidentals, are distinct from other expenses related to work orders, such as part requirements. Incidentals represent expenses that arise during the execution of a task or that are otherwise related to the task. Incidentals are classified by type. Field Service Management provides incidental types to track the costs of car rentals and miles traveled. An organization can create additional types to meet their needs.

You can generate incidentals for a task at any point during the task life cycle. For example, field service administrators might create an incidental in the Pending state before an agent begins work, based on an anticipated expense. Agents might create incidentals in the Incurred state as expenses arise during work. Field service administrators and agents can view all incidentals by navigating to Field Service > Agent > Incidentals.

When an incidental record is created, the system generates an expense line if the following conditions are met:
  • The state is Incurred.
  • The type is not None.
  • The cost is greater than zero.

The expense line is deleted if any of these conditions change.

Role required: wm_admin or wm_agent role.


  1. Open a work order task.
  2. In the Incidentals related list, click New.
  3. Fill in the fields as appropriate (see table).
    Figure 1. Incidental expense form
    Incidental expense form
    Table 1. Incidental expense form fields
    Field Description
    Work order task [Read-only] Task from which the incidental was created.
    Type Kind of incidental: Mileage and Car Rental.
    Cost Total cost of the incidental. If the type is Mileage, the cost is read-only and is automatically calculated by multiplying Quantity and Cost per mile. If the type is Car Rental, enter the total cost of rental expenses.
    Quantity Number of units for the incidental. This field is required if the type is Mileage; enter the number of miles traveled. This field is hidden if the type is Car Rental.
    State Status of the expense: Pending or Incurred.
    Cost per mile Average cost of transportation per mile. This field is visible only if the type is Mileage.
    Description Helpful information about the incidental expense.