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Execute a task from the queue

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Execute a task from the queue

If the agent task map is not used in your organization, you can manage assigned tasks from the task queue.

  1. Navigate to Field Service > Agent > Assigned to me.
  2. Open a work order task.
  3. When parts are delivered or picked up from a stockroom, acknowledge the delivery.
    1. In the Transfer Orders related list, open the transfer order.
    2. In the Transfer Order form, open a record from the Transfer Order Lines related list.
    3. Click Receive to acknowledge delivery from an external stockroom, or click Deliver if the part is located in your personal stockroom.
      Figure 1. Transfer order lines form
      Transfer order lines form
  4. Click Start Travel when you begin travel to the remote site.

    This is mandatory if the Scheduled travel start field is completed.

  5. Click Start Work when you begin working on the task.
  6. When work is complete, record any asset usage.
  7. Add a description of the work you did to the Work notes field.

    This is required to close the task.

  8. Close the task.
    Note: The Start Work and Start Travel buttons appear together on the form. When you click Start Travel, that button disappears. If no travel is scheduled, and you click Start Work, both buttons disappear.