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Use the work order template

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Use the work order template

Work order templates enable users with the proper roles to automatically create work orders, tasks, and part requirements.

Before you begin

Role required: wm_admin or model_manager


  1. Navigate to Field Service > Work Order > Create New.
  2. Select the desired work order template from the Template field and save the form.
    The template information is used to:
    • Copy the short description, priority, and billable status to the work order. The system also copies the qualification group to the work order form if this field is present. Qualification groups are not required when automatic qualification is configured. Work orders created from an incident, problem, or change request display the short description from the source task, even when a template is selected. Tasks for work orders created from templates always display the short description from the task template.
    • Create any tasks, using the information from the work task templates.
    • Create the parts requirements. If a part specified is out of stock, the system displays a message naming the part.