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View task information on the mobile UI map

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View task information on the mobile UI map

The agent map on the mobile UI displays the agent's location, tasks assigned to the agent for the current day, accepted tasks, and unassigned tasks.

Before you begin

Role required: wm_agent

About this task

Use the filter to change the items visible on the agent map. Show and hide tasks or routing sequence numbers, change the location, or change the date to view the tasks for a different day.


  1. In the mobile interface, navigate to Field Service > My Map.
  2. Click the gear icon in the map header to display the filter settings.
  3. Change the filter settings as needed.
    On Displays the current date. Click the arrow to display the calendar and select a different date.
    Show Assigned Tasks All assigned tasks are displayed by default. Disable the switch to hide assigned tasks.
    Show My Location Displays your current position on the map with the agent location icon. Disable the switch to remove this icon from the map.

    If the system cannot locate you automatically by mobile device, it uses the location of a continuing task or the home office.

    Show Routing Numbers Displays the routing numbers on tasks dispatched for the date selected in the calendar. Disable the switch to hide the routing numbers.
    Show Unassigned Tasks All unassigned tasks are displayed by default. Disable the switch to hide unassigned tasks.
  4. Click Save and then click the left arrow to return to the map.