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Assign a work order task to an agent

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Assign a work order task to an agent

Assign a work order task to a field service agent from the central dispatch board.

Before you begin

Role required: wm_dispatcher or admin

About this task

You can assign tasks that have a state of Pending Dispatch. You can also reassign tasks.
When assigning and dispatching work order tasks, consider the following:
  • The length of time required to complete a task
  • The window of time in which a task must be completed
  • The schedule and availability of the agents with the necessary skill sets
  • The availability of required parts
  • The impact on other tasks


  1. Navigate to Field Service > Dispatching > Central Dispatch.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click a task bar in the calendar and drag it to an agent in the Team list.
    • Select a task in the Tasks list and click the auto assign icon (Central dispatch task auto assign icon).
  3. Confirm the assignment information in the work order task window, including the agent in the Assigned to field.
  4. Click Update.
    The task is displayed on the calendar next to the agent's name and the task bar color indicates that the task has been assigned.