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Central dispatch tasks

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Central dispatch tasks

The upper section of the central dispatch board displays scheduled work order tasks in both a list and a calendar view.

The Tasks list shows the unassigned tasks that meet the conditions set in the Central Dispatch [central_dispatch_config] table. The dispatcher can set these conditions from the Configuration Settings menu.

The Tasks list displays the Short description and Number for each task. The dispatcher can configure this list to display additional task fields, such as the location and assignment group. The system administrator can configure the task fields that are available for selection by the dispatcher.

When you navigate to the central dispatch board, the first task in the Tasks list is selected by default. When you select a task in the Tasks list:
  • An auto assign icon appears, which can be used to assign the task to an available agent.
  • The Team list also updates to show all of the agents available for this task.

You can scroll through the Tasks list to display additional tasks. If not automatically displayed, click the Show more tasks link at the bottom of the list.

Unassigned work order tasks are represented in the calendar using these types of bars:
  • A solid bar that extends from the task's scheduled start time to the estimated end time.
  • A dashed bar that indicates the window of time in which the task can be completed. This bar is displayed if the task's scheduled start and estimated end fall within the task window.

Assigned tasks in the lower section are represented by colored bars that indicate the estimated work duration. These colored task bars are preceded by a thinner gray bar that represents estimated travel time.

To see more details about a task, point to the task in the calendar to display a tooltip. You can also click the task number in the Tasks list or double-click the task in the calendar to open the task form on top of the central dispatch board.

To assign a task to a field service agent:
  • Click a task bar in the calendar and drag it to an agent in the Team list.
  • Select a task in the Tasks list and click the auto assign icon (Central dispatch task auto assign icon).
After assigning a task, confirm the assignment information in the work order task window, including the agent in the Assigned to field.