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Central dispatch

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Central dispatch

With the wm_dispatcher role, you can use Central Dispatch to view and assign scheduled work order tasks to available field service agents.

The central dispatch board provides drag-and-drop capabilities to assign and dispatch tasks. It also provides search and filter capabilities, which enable dispatchers to focus on specific tasks and agents. Dispatchers can use the central dispatch board to evaluate task details, such as locations and required skills, and then match tasks to available agents. The location of the unassigned tasks and the assignment groups displayed on the central dispatch board are based on the dispatcher’s dispatch group.
Note: The central dispatch feature is supported on the following browsers:
  • The latest public release of Firefox
  • The latest public release of Chrome
  • Safari version 6 and up
  • Internet Explorer version 10 and up
Figure 1. Central Dispatch board
Central dispatch board

The top section of the central dispatch board displays unassigned work order tasks, with a Tasks list on one side and the tasks represented in a calendar view on the other side.

The bottom section of the central dispatch board displays field service agents and calendars, with a Team list on one side and the assigned work order tasks in a calendar view on the other side. A gray bar between the two sections can be used for resizing the task and team areas.
Note: Assigning tasks in Central Dispatch considers the settings on the Field Service Configuration page even if the Assignment method for tasks configuration option is set to manually.

Notifications appear at the top of the central dispatch board, including informational and error messages about configuration changes, task assignment issues, and other usage tips.