Use the Customer Service Portal

Search for information about a question or an issue or request assistance from a customer service agent.

The Customer Service Portal home page includes the following features:
  • A header with buttons for creating and viewing cases, viewing assets, and managing users.
  • A search feature that customers can use to search for information from several repositories.
  • Links to information sources, such as the knowledge base, the community, and customer support cases.
Figure 1. Customer Service Portal
Customer Service Portal based on the Service Portal application
Customers can use the portal to:
  • Search the knowledge base for information that is relevant to an issue.
  • Engage the community, reach out to other users, and ask questions.
  • Create a case for an issue or a problem.
  • View and manage current user-created cases.
  • View asset and product information.
  • View or update information in a user profile.
  • Update notification preferences.
In addition, customer administrators can also use the portal to:
  • Create a new contact.
  • Create a login for a new contact.
  • Enable or disable a contact login.
  • Assign a user role to a contact.
  • Assign a contact to an asset.
  • View and update customer contact information.
  • Approve registration requests.