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Create a recipient list

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Create a recipient list

Create and save a list of users to receive targeted communications.

Before you begin

Role required: or sn_publications.admin

About this task

A recipient list can include internal users, customer contacts, and consumers. Create a recipient list using one or both of the following methods:
  • Create a static list by selecting specific users.
  • Create a dynamic list by specifying one or more conditions using a condition builder.

The recipient list can be a combination of both static and dynamic.

You must create at least one recipient list before creating a publication.


  1. Navigate to Targeted Communications > Recipients Lists.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the fields on the Recipients List form.
    Table 1. Recipients List form
    Field Description
    Name The name of the list.
    Type The type of recipients to include in the list.
    • Contacts
    • Internal Users
    • Consumers
    State The state of the recipient list.
    • New: the list has not yet been generated. Click Refresh Recipient List.
    • In Progress: the list is currently being generated. (You may only see this state when generating a very large list of recipients.)
    • Complete: the list has been generated.
    Additional Recipients The recipients included in the list. Click the lookup icon and add recipients from one of these lists.
    • For contacts, add recipients from the Contacts list.
    • For internal users, add recipients from the Users list.
    • For consumers, add recipients from the Consumers list.
    Specify Dynamic Conditions Enable this check box to display the condition builder.
    Advanced Enable this check box to display the Table and User Field.
    Table The table that stores the user information. Depending on the selection in the Type field, this field displays:
    • Customer Product [customer_products]
    • User [sys_user]
    • Consumer [csm_consumer]
    User Field The user sys_id field of the selected table that is used to prepare the recipients list.
    Conditions Use the buttons in this field to build one or more conditions on the selected table. A condition is made up of a selected field, an operator, and a value. Add conditions using the AND and OR buttons. Delete conditions by clicking the Delete button to the right of a condition.
  4. Click Submit.
    This list is available for selection in the Recipient Lists field when creating or editing a publication.