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Create a publication

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Create a publication

Create a publication with optional email notification to send to customers.

Before you begin

Role required: or sn_publications.admin

About this task

Two options to consider when creating a publication:
  • Include the optional email notification (default)
  • Select the type of content: HTML or Wiki
After creating an article, there are two publishing options:
  • Submit: sets the stage to Ready To Publish
  • Send for review: sends the publication to the approver and sets the stage to Review


  1. Navigate to Targeted Communications > Create New Publication.
  2. Fill in the fields on the Publication form.
    Table 1. Publication form
    Field Description
    Number The automatically generated publication number.
    Content Type The type of data included in the publication. Select one of the following:
    • HTML: this content can include Rich Text formatted (RTF) text, images, attachments, and links. Enter the publication data in the Content field.
    • Wiki: this content can include plain text. Enter the publication data in the Wiki field.
    The default selection is HTML.
    Category If desired, select a category for the publication. The following categories are available:
    • Defect
    • Outage
    • Information
    • IT
    • HR
    • Finance
    Recipient Lists Select a predefined list to target specific customers. Recipient lists are created by the publication author or administrator.
    Short Description A brief description or title of the publication.
    Recurrence This field is displayed for recurring publications and displays the short description entered on the Recurrence form.
    Publish Date Select the publication date. This date can be the current date or any future date.

    Publications are sent automatically when the publish date and time are reached.

    Expiry Date Select the expiration date. This date must be at least one day after the Publish Date.

    Publications are automatically expired when the expiry date and time are reached.

    Skip Notification Enable this check box if you do not want to use email notification with this publication.

    Enabling this check box disables the Email Template field and hides the Include Attach Links field.

    Note: If email notification is selected, all users receive the publication in an email, including consumers who do not have a login ID for the Consumer Service Portal.
    Email Template Select a template to use for email notification.

    The Publication Default email template is provided with the Targeted Communications application.

    Users with the sn_publications_admin role can create additional email templates.

    Include Attach Links Include links to any attachments in the email notification preview.
    Content This field appears when you select HTML as the Content Type.

    Enter the text of the publication in this field. HTML content can include Rich Text formatted (RTF) text, images, attachments, and links.

    Wiki This field appears when you select Wiki as the Content Type.

    Click the Wikitext button and enter the text of the publication in this field. Wiki content can include plain text.

  3. Click one of the following:
    Submit The stage is set to Ready To Publish and the publication is published on the Publish Date.
    Send for Review The stage is set to Review and the publication is sent to the approver for review.

    Approvers can navigate to Self-Service > My Approvals to see a list of review requests.