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Search for information using the customer portal

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Search for information using the customer portal

Use the search feature on the customer portal to find information about a question or an issue.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_customerservice.customer, sn_customerservice.customer_admin, sn_customerservice.partner, or sn_customerservice.partner_admin

About this task

The portal has a search feature that you can use to search for information across several repositories. Enter a search term in the Search field and then click Search to display a list of related articles.

The portal also displays information from the knowledge base, the community, and customer support.


  1. Enter a search term into the Search field.
  2. Click Search.
    A list of articles related to the search term is displayed, with the results grouped into three categories: Cases, Knowledge, Questions.
  3. Click a link to view an article.