Create a customer service case from the customer portal

Create a case about a question or issue from the customer portal.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_customerservice.customer, sn_customerservice.partner, sn_customerservice.customer_admin, or sn_customerservice.partner_admin

About this task

Customers and partners can create a case from the customer portal.


  1. Navigate to the portal.
  2. Click Create Case
  3. Fill in as many fields on the Create Case form as you can.
    Note: Depending on your role, you may not see the Account and Contact fields.
    Table 1. Create Case form (customer portal)
    Field Description
    Account The account for which the case is being created.
    Contact The name of the customer contact for this case.
    Asset The asset tag number or the serial number of the asset associated with this case.
    Product The product model of the asset. A model is a specific version or configuration of an asset (for example, Apple Mac Book Pro).

    If you select an asset in the Asset field, this field is auto-filled if the associated product information is available in the asset record. A product may be associated with multiple assets.

    Priority The assigned priority:
    • 1 - Critical
    • 2 - High
    • 3 - Moderate
    • 4 - Low (default)
    Subject A brief description of the customer question, issue, or problem.
    Description A more detailed description of the customer question, issue, or problem.
  4. Click Submit.
    The case is created, assigned a case number, and added to the user's case list. Click My Cases at the top of the customer portal to view the Cases list.