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Customer service cases list

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Customer service cases list

The Cases list displays a list of customer service cases for the current user.

Users with the sn_customerservice_agent or sn_customerservice_manager roles can view the Cases list in the Customer Service Management application. The default view of the Cases list includes the following columns:
  • Number
  • Short description
  • Contact
  • Account
  • Channel
  • State
  • Priority
  • Assigned to
  • Updated
External customers can view a list of cases from the customer portal. For external users with the sn_customerservice.customer or sn_customerservice.customer_admin roles, the Cases list displays a subset of case information, including:
  • Number
  • Short description
  • Product
  • Priority
  • State
  • Updated
For external users with the sn_customerservice.partner or sn_customerservice.partner_admin roles, the Account column is also displayed.

The cases included in this list are determined by user role.

User Role Cases Included in Case List
sn_customerservice_admin, sn_customerservice_manager, sn_customerservice_agent All cases
  • Cases opened by the customer
  • Cases opened by an agent for the customer
sn_customerservice.customer_admin Cases opened for the same account as the customer admin's account
  • Cases opened by the partner
  • Cases opened by an agent for the partner
  • Cases opened for the same account
  • Cases opened from a partner account
  • Cases opened for the same account
  • Cases opened for the partner admin's account