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The GlideDateTime class provides methods for performing operations on GlideDateTime objects, such as instantiating GlideDateTime objects or working with glide_date_time fields.

In addition to the instantiation methods described below, a GlideDateTime object can be instantiated from a glide_date_time field using the getGlideObject() method (for example, var gdt = gr.my_datetime_field.getGlideObject();).

Some methods use the Java Virtual Machine time zone when retrieving or modifying a date and time value. Using these methods may result in unexpected behavior. Use equivalent local time and UTC methods whenever possible.

For additional information, refer to GlideDateTime.

See the JavaScript API for API information.

GlideDate and GlideDateTime examples

The GlideDate and GlideDateTime APIs are used to manipulate date and time values.

Note: This functionality requires a knowledge of JavaScript.

For additional information, refer to GlideDate API and GlideDateTime API.

You can create a GlideDateTime object from a GlideDate object by passing in the GlideDate object as a parameter to the GlideDateTime constructor.
var gDate = new GlideDate();
var gDT = new GlideDateTime(gDate);;
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