Processor API components

Processors have access to dedicated API classes, objects, and methods.

Table 1. Processor API components
Class, object, or method Description
g_response An object of type HttpServletResponse. See Interface HttpServletResponse.
setContentType(‘text/html;charset=UTF-8’) A HttpServletResponse method to set the content type of the response being sent to the client. See Interface HttpServletResponse.
g_request An object of type HttpServletRequest. See Interface HttpServletRequest.
getParameter() A glide method to get the value of a URL parameter.
canRead() A GlideRecord method to determine if the user can read data from a table. See GlideRecord.
g_processor A simplified servlet for processors.
writeOutput() A processor method to display information on the client.
g_target An object containing the target table name of a processor URL. For example, a processor containing the URI applies to the Incident table.