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Script Debugger multiple developer support

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Script Debugger multiple developer support

The Script Debugger allows multiple developers to debug their own transactions without affecting each other.

The Script Debugger only allows developers to see and interact with items related to their current debugging session such as:
  • Breakpoints
  • Call stack
  • Transactions
  • Status

The Script Debugger prevents one developer from seeing or modifying another debug session. Administrators, however, can impersonate another user, open the Script Debugger, and debug transactions generated by the impersonated user.

The Script Debugger displays the debug session user at the bottom left of the user interface.

Figure 1. Sample Script Debugger user
The Script Debugger User field showing the sample admin user

Concurrent Script Debugger usage

By default, the system supports debugging [(The number of semaphores on the instance) / 4] concurrent transactions. Administrators can specify the number of concurrent transactions the system can debug by setting the glide.debugger.config.max_node_concurrency system property. The system can debug up to [(The number of semaphores on the instance) - 2] concurrent transactions.

Administration of debugging sessions

Debugging sessions can remain actively debugging (in the EXECUTION_PAUSED or WAITING_FOR_BREAKPOINT statuses) until:
  • The user pauses the Script Debugger.
  • The user closes the Script Debugger.
  • The user session ends.

Administrators can view the currently running debugger sessions by navigating to the page

Administrators can stop all currently running debugging sessions by navigating to the page Only users with the admin role can access this page.