Viewing information for the watched field

When information for a watched field is changed and the record is updated, the field watcher tab displays relevant information at the bottom.

Figure 1. Field watcher viewing data
Field watcher information includes:
  • Timestamp: time the field was changed using the HH:MM:SS (ms) format.
    • Orange text: server-side changes, such as ACLs.
    • Blue text: client-side changes, such as client scripts.
  • Type of object that changed the field and its associated name: The type of item that changed on the field; for example, CLIENT SCRIPT, BUSINESS RULE, or ACL. In the case of scripts, business rules, or other configuration-type fields, field watcher displays the name of the script or business rule that changed the field, if any. Click the name to go directly to the record for that item.
  • Old and new values: The old and new values for the field, if the value changed0. Field watcher does not record the value if it was inserted in the form by default at the time the record was created.
  • Additional information: Call tracing information, such as the name of the script engine or workflow that changed the field. Click the plus icon to expand the selection.
    • Orange text: Indicates server-side activity.
    • Blue text: Indicates client-side activity.