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SOAP roles

To use SOAP web services, you must have the appropriate role for the operation you want to perform.

Additionally, you must have any other roles required to access the target tables.
Table 1. SOAP Roles
Role Description
soap Can perform all SOAP operations.
soap_create Can insert new records.
soap_delete Can delete existing records.
soap_ecc Can query, insert, and delete records on the Queues [ecc_queue] table.
soap_query Can query record information.
soap_query_update Can query record information and update records.
soap_script Can run scripts that specify a .do endpoint. This role is required for running Scripted Web Services.
soap_update Can update records.
import_admin Can manage all aspects of Import Sets and imports. Required for access to the sys_import_set_row table.
import_transformer Can manage Import Set Transform Maps and run transforms. Required for access to the sys_import_set_row table.