Version record navigation

There are a variety of methods for viewing a list of versions for an object.

  • For forms, right-click the header and select Configure > Form Layout.
  • For lists, perform the appropriate action for the list version.
    • List v2: Right-click the header and select Configure > List Layout.
    • List v3: Open the list title menu and select List Layout.
  • Click the Show Versions related link.
  • For tables that use the update_synch attribute, add the Versions related list to the form. This list is on several forms by default, including, business rules, UI actions, and client scripts.
  • For any customizable object, right-click the form header and select Show Application File, then scroll down to the Related Record Versions related list.
You can navigate from a version record to:
  • The customized object: Click the Show Related Record related link.
  • The application file record for the object: Click the Show Application File related link.
    Figure 1. Version record