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Create an update set

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Create an update set

An update set is a group of customizations that can be moved from one instance to another.

About this task

For example, an update set called Incident Management 2.0 might hold a set of enhancements to incident management. While Incident Management 2.0 is marked as the current update set, all changes are tracked in it.


  1. Navigate to System Update Sets > Local Update Sets and click New.
  2. Enter update set details as described in the table.
  3. Click Submit to create the update set. If the picker is enabled and the update set is in the In progress state, click Submit and Make Current to:
    1. Create the update set.
    2. Select the new update set in the update set picker.
    3. Add customizations to the new update set.
    New Update Set
    Table 1. Update Set Fields
    Field Description
    Name Enter a unique name for the update set. You can use naming conventions to organize update sets. For example, add the problem number to the name of the update that fixes it, identify the application scope, or use sequence numbers to keep track of the order in which update sets need to be committed.
    State Select In progress for a new update set. Selecting an In progress update set tracks customizations in the update set. The update set picker only displays In progress update sets.

    Select Completed only when you are certain that the update set is complete. After it is marked Completed, do not set it back to In progress. Instead, create a new update set with further customizations, and make sure to commit the update sets in the order that they were marked Completed. Use Completed update sets to transfer changes from one instance to another.

    Select Ignore when you are no longer working on an update set but do not want it to be transferred to another instance. You should always set Completed update sets on the production instance to Ignore. This state ensures the update set is not committed again when cloning the instance.

    Release date Enter the date on which you plan to release the update set.
    Application Populates the application scope that is currently selected in the Application picker. All changes in the update set apply only to the current scope.
    Description Enter a description of the update set.