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Delete an update set

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Delete an update set

Deleting an update set is strongly not recommended. Administrators can delete an update set only when it is not the current update set and it is empty (no sys_update_xml entries are associated with it).

About this task

For example, after merging update sets you may choose to delete the original sets. This function is restricted by an access control rule (ACL) on the update set [sys_update_set] table.

Warning: Deleting update sets that contain sys_update_xml entries is restricted and strongly not recommended because:
  • Deleting the update set does not undo the updates.
  • Deleting the update set removes any record of who applied the customizations.
  • Deleting the update set removes the sys_update_xml entries associated with the update set, so customizations are overwritten when the instance is upgraded.


To undo customizations, back out the update set rather than deleting it.