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Resolve a preview problem with an update set

Resolve a preview problem with an update set

The process of previewing an update set detects problems that may occur if you commit the updates on the local instance. After you preview and before you commit an update set, follow this procedure to resolve all of the problems that the preview process discovered.

  1. Navigate to System Update Sets > Retrieved Update Sets.
  2. Open the update set record and scroll down to the Update Set Preview Problems related list.
  3. Review each problem description to determine the cause and resolve the problem as described in the table. Alternatively, choose one of the following options:
    • Accept remote update: Commit the remote update set without fixing the problem.
    • Skip remote update: Skip the update when you commit the update set.
    Table 1. Update Set Preview Problems
    Type and Example Description Resolution

    Missing object

    Could not find a record in sys_ui_policy referenced in this update

    The object or a referenced object does not exist on the target instance. For example:
    • An update modifies the form layout for a table that has not been created in the local instance.
    • A UI policy action is included in the update set, but the parent UI policy is not.
    Create another update set on the source instance to transfer the missing object to the local instance, or create the object on the local instance. Use the following Available Actions to assist in problem resolution:
    • Find missing field or Find missing record: Opens a new window and searches the source instance for the missing field (dictionary entry) or record.
    • Find missing update: Opens a new window and searches the source instance for the update record that corresponds to the missing field or record.


    Found a local update that is newer than this one

    A change in the update set is older than a change to the same object on the local instance. Compare the two updates and determine which version to use. To use the version on the local instance, select Skip remote update. To use the version in the update set, select Accept remote update. Use theseAvailable Actions to assist in problem resolution:
    • Compare with local: opens the preview record, which provides a comparison of the differences between the local version and the version in the update set.
    • Show local field or Show local record
    • Show local update
    Uncommitted update

    Could not find a table field (u_case.u_reference) referenced in this update, but did find it in another uncommitted update set

    The object exists in another remote update set that has not been committed. Commit the other remote update set first or move this update to the other update set. Use these Available Actions to assist in problem resolution:
    • Show uncommitted update: opens the update record in the other remote update set.
    • Show uncommitted update set: open the other remote update set record.
    Table to be deleted has data

    Found a row in the table that is going to be deleted

    One difference between table deletes and other metadata deletes is that the table data is lost when the table is deleted. (If the table is empty (no rows), then no problem is generated.)

    The problem must be ignored (delete will happen) or skipped (delete will not happen) before the update set can be committed. You can restore the table, but the restore does not bring back the data.

    You are not allowed to delete system tables (ServiceNow tables) or tables outside your application scope.

    Application scope validation issue The previewer identifies the following combination of states as a problem:
    • The scope for the update set is not Global and
    • The application is not found on the target instance and
    • The application is not included with the update set and
    • The application is not found on the ServiceNow Store.
    Transfer the update set only to instances with that include the application scope or ensure that the update set includes the application.

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