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When to use update sets

When to use update sets

Update sets is one of available deployment options useful for storing and applying changes.

Deployment option Good for Future considerations
Update Sets Storing changes to a baseline or installed application.

Storing and applying a particular version of an application.

Producing a file for export.

You can manually create update sets to store a particular application version.

Use update sets to deploy patches or changes to installed applications.

Note: Do not use update sets to install applications. Instead, use the application repository or the ServiceNow Store to install applications.
Application Repository Installing and updating applications on all company instances.

Automatically managing application update sets.

Restricting access to applications to the same company.

Deploying completed applications to end users.

Consider uploading an application to the ServiceNow Store to share it with other users.

Allows installation of and update to the latest application version only.

Use update sets to store prior application versions.

Note: If used with team development, publish applications only from a parent instance.
Team Development Providing change management across multiple instances.

Allowing multiple developers to work on applications.

Organizations that have access to several sub-production instances.

Works best when each development team has access to a dedicated development instance.

Requires developers to manually merge colliding changes.

Works only for instances owned by the same organization.

Note: If used with the application repository, publish applications from a parent instance.

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