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View commit history

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View commit history

Application developers can view the commit history of applications linked to a source control repository.

Before you begin

  • Role required: admin or source_control
  • An existing link to a GIT repository


  1. Navigate to Source Control > View History.
    The system displays the History window.
    History window displaying two commit changes: one from the user david.loo and one from the user admin.
  2. Select the commit sort order type.
    Date Sort by commit date.
    Committer Sort by user name.
  3. Select the sort order direction.
    Descending Sort dates from the most recent to oldest date. Sort user names reverse-alphabetically from Z to A.
    Ascending Sort dates from the oldest to most recent date. Sort user names alphabetically from A to Z.
    The system sorts commits by the selected sort order.
  4. Select a commit.
    The system displays the commit details for the selected commit.
  5. Review the commit details.
    Table 1. Commit Details
    Field Description
    Committer The user who committed the change.
    Date The date-time stamp of the commit.
    SHA-1 The secure hash value identifying this commit in the repository.
    Message The commit message associated with this commit.
    Files The list of application files changed in this commit.
  6. Close the History window.