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Start from an existing service

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Start from an existing service

You can convert an existing service to an application if service creator is active.

About this task

You may want to convert successful services into full applications to take advantage of features only available to applications such as contextual security, data or UI policies, UI actions, and auditing.

When converting a service that exists on a production instance, you should pull the service to a sub-production instance and convert the service to an application in that environment. After completing the conversion, you can push the new application to the production environment.


  1. From the Start from a service row, click Create.
  2. In the Create from service field, select a published service.
  3. Change the application details and catalog item details if the default values do not meet your needs.
  4. (Optional) Select Replace original service to deactivate the catalog item for the service and replace it with an equivalent catalog item for the application.

    When replacing an existing service with an application, the application preserves the same end-user experience for submitting and fulfilling requests. Any service requests that were made prior to the conversion are converted to requests within the application.

  5. Click Create.
  6. Click OK.