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Publish an application to the application repository

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Publish an application to the application repository

Uploading an application to the application repository makes this version of the application available to all instances assigned to the same company.

About this task

Installing an application from the application repository ensures:
  • You always have the same application version on all instances.
  • That the instance meets the application installation requirements.
  • You can install application updates.


  1. Navigate to System Applications > Applications.
  2. Click the Develop tab.
  3. Open the application record you want to upload to the application repository.
  4. Click the Make App available on other instances related link.
  5. (Optional) Fill in the fields as described in the table.
    Publish to my application repository
    Table 1. Make app available
    Field Description
    Company [Read only] The company associated with this instance.
    Vendor Prefix [Read only] The unique vendor prefix associated with your company.
    App Name [Read only] The application name as specified in the custom application record.
    Version The application version uploaded.
    Dev Notes [Optional] A description of the changes contained in this release.
  6. Click Submit.
    The system uploads the current version of the application to the application repository store allowing other instances to download it.