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Form design visual indicators

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Form design visual indicators

The UI displays the following visual indicators when designing forms in custom applications.

You can only edit views and sections when you are in the same application scope as the form. Editable sections display:

  • Section headings with a solid color background.
  • A solid line around the section.
  • A control to set the number of columns.
  • A Delete this section button.
  • Grip icons beside section headings.
  • Grip icons beside fields.
Figure 1. Visual indicators of editable sections

Views and sections in another application scope display as read only. Read-only sections have:

  • Section headings with a gray background.
  • A gray line around the section.
  • No control to set the number of columns.
  • No Delete this section button.
  • No grip icons beside section headings.
  • No grip icons beside fields.
Figure 2. Visual indicators of read-only sections