Custom application record

The custom application record defines and identifies an application and all its associated artifacts.

It is similar to a system dictionary record for a table or column in that it stores the most current configuration of an application. The system automatically creates a custom application record during the application creation process. Application developers can use this record to perform the following tasks.
  • Change the application name
  • Change the application version
  • View the scope the system uses to identify application files and configuration records
  • Enable scoped administration
  • Manage design and runtime access to the application
    • Select what JavaScript standards the application supports
    • Select how the system tracks runtime API operations
    • Permit or restrict access to tables from other applications
  • Monitor or enforce subscriptions
  • Select the default menu in which to display application modules
  • Set the user role required to access the application
  • Add or update a logo
  • View all application files
  • View resources from other applications on which the application depends
  • View the run-time resource to which the application has been granted access
  • View the design-time resources to which the application has been granted access