Cabrillo JS data types

These are common data types used by Cabrillo JS APIs.


Defines an attachment.

Table 1. Property
Property Type Description
content_type String The attachment content type.
ext String The attachment file extension.
file_name String The full file name of the attachment including the extension.
sys_created_by String The user name of the user that created the attachment.
sys_id String The attachment record sys_id.
sys_updated_on String The date the attachment record was updated.
table_name String Name of the table containing the record to which the attachment is attached.
table_sys_id String The sys_id of the record that to which the attachment is attached.
thumbnail String The URL for the image thumbnail of the attachment. Only applies to image attachments.


Defines a button. Different interface contexts may support a subset of a button's properties.

Table 2. Property
Property Type Description
title String Title of the button. The string should be localized.
enabled Boolean Indicates whether the button is enabled.
badgeCount Number Number value to display on the button's badge.
backgroundColor String Background color of the button or badge. A string containing hex, RGB, HSL an x11 named color.
textColor String The text color of the badge or button. A string containing hex, RGB, HSL an x11 named color.
buttonStyle String Used to customize the style of the button.
imageName String Specifies an image. Possible values are action, add, article-document, book, bookmarks, calendar, camera, cart, cart-full, catalog, cog, comment, compose, configuration, console, dashboard, dtabase, directions, drawer, edit, fast-forward, filter, form, help, home, hr, image, info, key, label, lightbulb, location, locked, mail, mobile, new-ticket, notification-bell, organize, paperclip, pause, play, refresh, reply, rewidn, script, search, sort-ascending, trash, tree, tree-right, user, user-group, view.


Describes a selected list item.

Table 3. Property
Property Type Description
value String The value of the selected item. Default is the sys_id of the record, or the value of a custom reference key.
displayValue String The display value of the selected item.


Contains geographical information, latitude, longitude, and direction.

Table 4. Properties
Property Type Description
altitude Number The altitude in meters.
coordinate Cabrillo.LocationCoordinate The geographical coordinates.
direction Number Measured in degrees beginning at due north.
speed Number Measured in meters per second.
timestamp String The date that the location was last updated.


Contains a geographical coordinate.

Table 5. Properties
Property Type Description
latitude Number The latitude in degrees.
longitude Number The longitude in degrees.


Contains the result passed from a modal window that was dismissed.

Table 6. Properties
Property Type Description
results Object The result from the dismissed modal window.


Specifies a request to navigate to a list or record.

Table 7. Properties
Property Type Description
table String The table to navigate to. Required for both list and record navigation.
sysId String The sys_id of the record to navigate to. Required for record navigation.
query String An encoded query for the requested list. Can be used to seed values for record navigation requests.
view String The list or record view.


Contains the location and dimensions of a rectangle.

Table 8. Properties
Property Type Description
x Number The x origin of the rectangle.
y Number The y origin of the rectangle.
width Number The width in points.
height Number The height in points.