CMDBTransformUtil - Global

The CMDBTransformUtil class uses the Identification and Reconciliation framework to minimize creation of duplicate CIs and to reconcile CI attributes by only accepting information from authorized sources when updating the CMDB in onBefore transform map scripts. This class cannot be used in other scripts.

CMDBTransformUtil - CMDBTransformUtil()

Creates a CMDBTransformUtil object.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description

var cmdbUtil = new CMDBTransformUtil();

CMDBTransformUtil - identifyAndReconcile (Object source, Object map, Object log)

Use this method in onBefore transform map scripts to insert or update a configuration item to the CDMB. Using this method instead of relying on the transform to insert or update the configuration item record reduces duplicate entries in the CDMB.

This method is used in the onBefore script. Set ignore = true to prevent the transform from adding or updating the record a second time.

Table 2. Parameters
Name Type Description
source Object This is the global object available in transform map scripts that holds the incoming record.
map Object This is the map object available in transform map scripts that holds the current transform map record.
log Object This is the log object available in transform map scripts.
Table 3. Returns
Type Description

// add this code to the onBefore transform map script
// Call CMDB API to do Identification and Reconciliation of current row
var cmdbUtil = new CMDBTransformUtil();
cmdbUtil.identifyAndReconcile(source, map, log);
ignore = true;