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Edit automated test steps template

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Edit automated test steps template

Edit an existing test template.

Before you begin

Role required: [atf_test_admin] .


  1. Navigate to Automated Test Framework > Administration > Test Templates.
    The system displays the Test Templates list.
  2. Click the row for the test template you want to edit.
    The system displays the Test Template form.
  3. In the Test Template field, click the lock icon ().
    The Test Template field unlocks and expands to allow editing.
  4. Note: You can delete steps anywhere in the list, but you can add steps only to the end of the list. You can re-order steps in a test after you add them using the template, but you cannot re-order steps in the template itself.
    Add or delete steps to the template.
    • To delete a step, select that step, then click the X icon.
    • To add a step, in the Test Template field, enter the name of the step to add.
  5. Continue adding and deleting test steps until it contains the steps you want.
  6. Click Submit.