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Modify retention policy for results records

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Modify retention policy for results records

Modify how long the system retains result records for tests and test suites.

Before you begin

Role required: [atf_test_admin] .

About this task

By default, the system deletes system records related to test results and test suite results 30 days after creation. This task enables you to modify that policy for specific tables and records.


  1. Navigate to Automated Test Framework > Administration > Table Cleanup.
    The system displays a list of the retention policies (Auto Flushes) it maintains for automated testing results tables.
  2. Click the policy (Auto Flush) you want to modify.
    The system displays the record for this retention policy.
  3. In the Tablename field, enter the table containing the records to which this policy applies.
  4. Specify how the system should determine the length of time to retain records in this table.
    1. In the Matchfield field, enter the field you want the system to monitor for duration. For example, to specify that you want to delete a record x amount of time after the system created it, leave the Matchfield to its default value of sys_created_on.
    2. In the Age in seconds field, enter the amount of time (in seconds) you want the system to wait before deleting the records.
  5. If you want to apply the policy to the specified records plus any records that reference them, leave Cascade delete checked. If you want to apply the policy just the records specified, and NOT records that reference them, uncheck Cascade delete.
  6. In the Conditions field, specify the filter condition to select the records to which this policy applies.
  7. Click Update.