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Build and run your first automated test

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Build and run your first automated test

Learn how to use the Automated Test Framework by building and running a simple test.

Before you begin

  • Role required: admin
  • The Automated Test Framework plugin must be activated. It is activated by default on zboot or upgrade.
  • If necessary, enable test execution.
    Note: The test execution property is disabled by default to prevent running tests on a production system. Run tests only on development, test, and other sub-production instances.


  1. Create a new test. For instructions, see Create new test.
  2. Add a form step to open a new form. For instructions on how to add a step, see Add steps to automated test. For information on how to fill in the field values for this step, see Form test step: Open a new form.
  3. Add a form step to perform a simple operation, such as validating a field value.
  4. Add a form step to submit the open form.
  5. Run the test.
  6. View the results.

What to do next

Once you feel comfortable building and running simple form tests, move on to more complex scenarios: For example tests, see Automated Test Framework use case examples