Work with Live Feed messages

This portion of the UI gives the user access to various types of messages and tools for grouping and categorizing messages. Also included are methods for identifying which user feeds you are following and which users are following you.

Table 1. Tools for working with live feed messages
Menu section Description
Feed Sections
  • My Live Feeds: These are custom feeds that allow you to customize live feed to view the content that is most important to you.
  • Company Feed: This feed displays all posts, except those posted to private or unlisted groups.
  • Group Feeds: These feeds are created by users. Record Feeds: These feeds are associated with a record, such as an incident or change.
  • Record feeds: These feeds help users collaborate on records by providing a place for anyone who can access the record to share messages and post attachments specific to that record.
  • People: This option displays people who are following the current user and people the current user is following.
  • Teams: This option is used to combine users into groups for the purpose of subscribing to specifically-focused conversations.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags are words marked with a hash (#) symbol in messages. Hashtags are used to categorize messages by keyword or topic for improved search results messages filtered from all conversations that include specific hashtags.