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Tag messages

To tag a keyword or topic in a message, enter a # symbol before the word. A link to the hashtag is added beneath the message and all feed users can search and filter by the hashtag to find the message.

Tips for using hashtags effectively include:
  • Limit the number of hashtags per message (no more than 3 is a good guideline).
  • Use hashtags only in messages that are relevant to the tagged topic.
  • Write a message first, and then add hashtags only if they add value. Answer the question, "What are you working on?", rather than "What hashtags apply to what you are working on?"
  • Use camel case to create a hashtag that is more than one word long. For camel case, remove the space and use an uppercase letter to start each word. For example, to create a topic about the service desk, use #ServiceDesk.
Figure 1. Tag

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